Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One little idea has made me into a crazy person

I have been wanting to make (OK, really I was thinking I was going to buy) a place for my boys to put their shoes and school bags.

Well, while I was looking I found this and now I am inspired to try my hand at making things.

Here is my first project

I found this amazing transformation and it became my inspiration!

We bought this right after we got married to put in our little apartment. For years it sole purpose has been collecting junk. It seemed like the perfect piece to destroy....I mean transform.


Thanks to the millions of blogs I have now read about redoing furniture I knew I would need to use a primer and lots of people said they use Zinnser CoverStain, so I bought that. I went to work sanding and priming and all was well.

Until, I noticed him...Mickey Mouse in my primer. Somehow a Mickey Mouse confetti piece got painted on. Hey, we love Mickey Mouse around here so I left him. Our very own Hidden Mickey!!


And then I started painting....YIKES. All of the sudden this seemed like a very bad plan. It dried and there were brush marks everywhere (apparently I do NOT paint in nice straight lines). So I sanded, and painted and sanded and painted and get the idea. Until I decided it was good enough! Perfect I am NOT!


And then I was able to add my favorite part, the vinyl monogram from etsy



Here is the finished product

I am going to get a new lampshade for the lamp, but overall it is done!

It was so much fun and I have already started my next is how it started


So thanks to the internet, I am now crazy craigslist lady covered in paint and primer!


  1. Not perfect?? It looks perfect to me. Great job!

  2. Thanks Rebecca~Trust me, if you could see it in good light, you could see my flaws! Regardless, I LOVE IT!