Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Buffet Transformation

I always thought I would be the mom who would decorate for the seasons when I had kids. Well, in the 8+ years I have been I mom I have been a terrible failure in this department.

After being inspired by blog after blog after blog, I was ready to be the mom I always wanted to be!

Step One: Motivation
Check: I fell in LOVE with THIS. You have to see what Meredith did here!

Step Two: Find a table on CraigsList
Check! I found this less than 10 miles away for $25 Beautiful, right...



I emailed the seller and I was too late, BOOOOOOOO!
But, the fates were kind and the first buyer never showed up!! YEA!!!!!!

I have to tell you, I know NOTHING about furniture, no really NOTHING! One touch of the front of this thing and I noticed the drawer fronts were plastic? That did not deter me, did I mention it was $25... Thanks to blogland I felt confident I could paint anything so mark it SOLD!

Step 2: Prime and Paint
Check! What color you ask??? Heirloom White of course.




Step 3:
CHECK! But, I must not have taken any pictures when I did that?? Sorry!

Step 4: Go to the Dollar Tree and JoAnn's for decor and "shop" at my house for things I could use

And here she is (in terrible light, or lack of light in this case!)


Don't you just love my tablecloth/drop cloth. I should have removed it before I took the final picture!

Now I have a place to decorate for the seasons! I love that this is the first thing I see when I walk into my house (I should tell you that I put it into my Formal Living room, not in the Dining Room where a buffet should go).

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