Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Fall Table

Here are some pictures of my fall decor in better light.


Uggg, I still got a glare on one of the pictures. Getting a good picture of this has been really hard! And yes, I know everything is a little crooked and not quite right. My kids are still not sure what to think of this and will touch it (and play Star Wars through it!)

Here is what I did
I stole, ummmm, copied Melissa's Dollar Tree Hurricane Vases and filled them with stuff from the Dollar Tree and JoAnn Fabrics. I also printed a picture of my little guy from last fall and put it in a frame I had lying around. I spray painted the scrolly part in front to blend in with the table.


For the other side of the table I took a lantern I bought from PartyLite a million years ago when I had no kids and a "real" job that has been hanging in my garage for the last 9 years (seriously, it has been hanging on the garage door track since we moved in because I could not figure out what to do with it). Add a picture of my older son and a black picture frame that was hanging in our hallway. I took some Orange craft paint mixed with mid-evil gold glaze to tone down the black frame.


Here I ran into a slight problem. The frame did not have a stand. No worries, because I am such a fantastic house keeper, I still had this guy laying around
Yep, a Santa stocking holder. He has been moved around a million times in the last 9 months since everything else from Christmas is in the attic. Now he is a picture frame holder.

On top of my refrigerator I found a clear plate that I swear I have NEVER seen before. Painted some orange craft paint on the back and stuck a spider on the front and now the middle of my table has a little height.


Then I found this silver tray with bunnies on it (again, I have no idea where this stuff came from!)

Covered the bunnies with some leaves and a pumpkin and I am DONE!


Total Cost: $14.50--I am thrilled!
2 Vases from Dollar Tree $2
2 Candle holders from Dollar Tree $2
Leaves and Pumpkins from Dollar Tree $4
Leaves and Pumpkins from JoAnn's $5
Craft Paint $1.50

Still trying to figure out what to put above it on the wall,but for now Fall greets up when we walk in the house.

Liking up to Nester's Fall Mantel Party

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  1. Love your buffet display especially the sivler tray with leaves and pumpkin. Just gave me in idea! Come say hi.